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admissions information:

The Fairfax Christian School offers educational consultations and private tours which are recommended for parents and students, but not required. Please contact the school office at 703-759-5100 or contact us by filling out our Request Information form for more information.

Application Process

International Students click here.

Step One: Educational Consultation and Tour

Call our office, 703-759-5100, and schedule an educational consultation. Your private educational consultation with our Dean of Students will help you make the wisest decision for your child's education. We will review your child's academic needs and the aspirations you have for your child. Then we will discuss how to best reach your child's individual goals. You will also receive a private tour of our campus. If you are unable to visit our campus, we can accommodate you with telephone or internet consultations.

Step Two: Application

Complete your application and pay your registration fee. Include all student records which you have and your request form(s). Apply online for financial aid (if needed). You can contact our Admissions Director at 703-759-5100 to help you with this process. Middle and high school students are welcome to shadow, after submitting their application. Contact the admissions office for more information.

Step Three: Acceptance

Acceptance is based on academic performance and standardized test scores from previous schools. There is open enrollment for kindergarten.  However, kindergarten student should attend an educational consultation for a readiness review.  

If there is a question regarding a student’s ability, the student may be required to take the SSAT or come to the Fairfax Christian School campus for additional testing. The Fairfax Christian School does not accept students with discipline problems.

When the student is accepted, the application is processed and you will receive an acceptance letter from the school.

Step Four: Back–To–School Packet

About an month before school starts, families receive our Back-To-School Packet. This will have information on school uniforms, school lunches, orientations and other back–to–school activities. 

Step Five: Before You Start

Before attendance, you must submit the Commonwealth of Virginia School Entrance Physical Examination and Immunization Form, Illness Pick–Up Agreement, Student Handbook Acknowledgement, Honor Code Acknowledgement, iPad Policy Acknowledgement, Cell Phone Permission Slip and Tuition Payment.

Step Six: Attend Orientation

Orientations are held the day before classes start for lower school, middle school, high school and international students.


“My son loves the Fairfax Christian School and it is the first time that he has ever expressed that he likes school. I am so excited and happy that we chose Fairfax Christian and I am so looking forward to this school year! Thanks for everything!”

 — Lower School Parent