Welcome International Students

Founded in 1961, the Fairfax Christian School hosts the Washington, D.C., area’s premier international student program for lower, middle and high school students. Located just twenty–five minutes from downtown Washington, D.C., the Fairfax Christian School is located on an enchanting wooded campus in the heart of America’s wealthiest jurisdiction, Fairfax County.

The Fairfax Christian School’s international student program is unique. Our English as a Second Language (ESL) program uses a university–prep curriculum.

Students go beyond the basics taught in a standard English language program.

At the Fairfax Christian School, students receive an intensive, comprehensive curriculum that ensures students read, write and speak at a university level. Students take TOEFL–prep classes and our 23 Advanced Placement (AP) classes for university credit.

Fairfax Christian School’s international students receive a foundation that
makes them well prepared to enter and compete in America’s top universities.

The Fairfax Christian School is also the home of USA Compete. Students can take classes in American Culture (including etiquette) and Economic Freedom. This allows students to explore and develop a foundation far beyond a standard ESL program. Students will assimilate quickly into American life and gain cultural knowledge that will enable them to thrive in American university systems.

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"The 'E' Awards Committee was very impressed with the Fairfax Christian School’s dedication to providing quality education to students from around the world. The school’s adaptation of its curriculum to accommodate non–English speakers was also particularly notable."  — US Secretary of Commerce, Penny Pritzker