Our Approach


The Fairfax Christian School creates scholars with a passion for learning. Our exceptional teachers follow a time–tested curriculum that brings excitement to learning. It is designed to promote critical thinking and creativity while focusing on the success and talent of each student.

Lower School: Kindergarten – 4th Grade

Our lower school begins with our phonics–based reading and advanced mathematics programs. Our history, science, art, music, foreign languages and Bible classes allow young students to grow and flourish. In third grade, students begin Latin, and in fourth grade, students are introduced to economics.

Middle School: 5th Grade – 8th Grade

Middle school students continue with our core curriculum. They have opportunities to develop an aptitude for analytical and innovative thinking. Technology is used daily and incorporated into every subject. Students develop strong character and self–discipline to ground them for future success.

High School: 9th Grade – 12th Grade

By high school, our students are prepared for university–level coursework including more than twenty Advanced Placement® classes and College Dual Enrollment courses.  SAT® preparation is integrated into the curriculum. A variety of challenging electives allow students to establish expertise in writing, computer science, economics, business, lab sciences, art and music. Students are encouraged to develop their unique abilities. Our comprehensive program gives students an extraordinary foundation which will benefit them for their entire lives.