Information technology is a tool that is interwoven through a child’s learning process at the Fairfax Christian School. Technology is not a substitute for critical thinking, but enhances our learning. 

All middle and high school students have their own iPad. iPads are also in the classrooms in the lower school. For some classes, such as AP Computer Science, students will have laptop computers in the classroom.

Other tools, from DVDs to graphing calculators are used to facilitate the learning process. Students are taught not just how to use technology, but why and how technology works.

Our JupiterGrades intranet allows access to online grade books, assignments, attendance records, the school events calendars, the school lunch calendar, the dress code, the student handbook and other files for all Pre–Kindergarten through 12th grade parents and students.

I love the way the Fairfax Christian School integrates technology in the classes and the entire learning experience. My children have gained confidence using technology.
— Middle School Parent
Fairfax Christian School continues to be both the standard and the front–runner in college prep and advanced–placement education, as its administration continues to maintain focus on the development of strong work ethic and academic focus in the students throughout the school year. The school’s long history of success in both past and present students continues to speak for itself both humbly and confidently.
— High School Parent