Top Apps for Students

This article first appeared in the January 2014 Colonial Crier.

Technology, like any other tool, is only effective when used for the correct purpose. By coupling the right iPad apps with the appropriate lessons, using interactive practice and enhanced resources, teachers at the Fairfax Christian School enable their students to learn more effectively. Let's take a look at some of the top apps used by FCS students.


• Many students use “gFlash” to create and test themselves with custom flashcards. This flexible app offers multiple avenues for creating flashcard decks with text and pictures.

• To create kinetic presentations, students rely on “Prezi,” a next-generation presentation app which incorporates color and movement to captivate an audience.

• Our high school students appreciate the flexibility and flair of “GoodNotes,” a note-taking app featuring a multi-tiered user interface and a plethora of input modes.

• “Bookshelf ” allows students to download ebooks licensed by the school, replacing bulky textbooks with digital texts that can easily be bookmarked and annotated.


• For advanced mathematics students, “Quick Graph” is a powerful calculator, incorporating the abilities of an expensive scientific calculator in a low-cost, high-function app.

• For younger students, simple apps such as “Multiplication ! !” and Division ! !” provide a colorful, intuitive platform for learning and practicing long multiplication and division.

• “Geometry Pad” serves as both a visual and calculating tool for studying geometry.


• High school students preparing for the pSAT or SAT find “SAT Vocab Cards” to be an indispensable resource; features include a set of 1,000 high-level words, definitions, example sentences and flashcards for study.

• “Verb Mayhem” and related apps assist our international students in learning the parts of speech through gameplay.

• Both international and domestic students make use of “Google Translate” and other dictionary apps to communicate across language barriers and increase their understanding.


• Students taking our Microeconomics course use the “Real-Time Stock Tracker” to follow the flow of the market and appreciate the practical applications of their knowledge.

• The “Constitution” app, featuring the full text and commentary on that foundational document, is a valuable resource for upper school students taking U.S. History.

• Bible students of all ages put the “Bible” app to good use, capitalizing on its search and annotation functions to delve deeply into this priceless text.

• “LeafSnap” is a unique app that biology students can use to identify the leaves, flowers, fruits and nuts of local trees via photographic analysis, as well as to catalogue their own discoveries.

• Geography students benefit from the easy-rouse “TapQuiz Maps,” which allow them to practice identifying countries, states and regions, while maintaining a record of their statistical success so they know what they need to study.