Getting Ready for Fall

This article appeared in the August 2013 Colonial Crier. It is time to start getting ready for the school year. Students should be finishing up their summer reading and purchasing their school uniforms. Middle and high school students should make sure their iPads are ready for the school year.

Summer Reading There is still time to read a few books in August before school begins. Reading over the summer break helps prevent learning loss. Students who read their summer books and write their book reports receive extra credit in their English classes during the school year. The summer reading book list is available on JupiterGrades.

Uniforms and Dress Code We changed our uniform vendor to Flynn & O’Hara last spring. All new uniforms must be purchased from Flynn & O’Hara. Uniforms can be purchased at their retail store in Fairfax City or uniforms can be ordered from Previously purchased uniform items from Lands End and The Dress Code are still acceptable.   Flynn & O’Hara does sell shoes, however, students are not required to purchase their school shoes there. All students are required to wear black dress/loafer style shoes or all white or all black athletic shoes. Shoelaces must match the color of the shoe. (No brown shoes or black and white shoes.)

All students are expected to wear their full uniform on the first day of school. For more details, read the 2013-2014 Dress Code. A pdf version is available on JupiterGrades.

Back-To-School Events Tuesday, September 3rd, is orientation day. Lower school students will come to school in the morning, between 9am and noon, to find their classrooms and to meet their teachers. This is an “Open House” format; families are not expected to stay the whole time.

All international students should attend the International Student Orientation at 4pm. In addition, all middle and high school students have an Orientation at 5pm.

The school-wide Back-To-School Picnic begins at 6pm, on the front lawn of the main campus.

iPads New middle and high school students will need to purchase an iPad, which can be new or used. Other tablet brands are not permitted. The first version of the iPad is acceptable. Students should bring their iPads to school daily throughout the school year. iPads should have a cover or case to keep them protected.

Students will be expected to access JupiterGrades daily for assignments. Some classes will have their textbooks and supplemental materials on the iPad. Teachers will administer some tests and quizzes using  Juno. Students will also use their iPads for word processing, studying, researching and presentations.