Our Mission and Purpose

The Fairfax Christian School is a safe place where students learn and grow. We pledge to provide the highest academic standards in an environment which encourages and motivates students, instills respect and wisdom, enlivens creativity and builds a foundation to seek knowledge and live a life of abundance. 

The Fairfax Christian School focuses on student success. Our mission is to provide students with the highest quality of education in an environment which fosters learning and personal growth.

High Standards

FCS has established goals for constant improvement
for the students, teachers and administration. We continually strive for excellence in every area
of our service.

The faculty frequently reviews our mission statement to instill the values which are the foundation of our school. In turn, the staff and administration are tasked with maintaining the school’s focus on student success. 

To provide the best quality education in alignment with our mission and purpose, the administration continually reviews and improves teacher training, communications and policies. We welcome input from students, parents and families on how to further enrich students’ lives through academic and extracurricular pursuits.

Respect & Wisdom

From the beginning, FCS has provided a traditional education. We use a time-tested curriculum which addresses each subject from a Christian viewpoint. Rather than following the latest trends in education, we maintain the traditions that have proven successful since the school was founded.

Every teacher creates a learner- centered classroom by adapting the curriculum to the strengths and learning styles of individual students. We encourage teachers to use their particular skills and talents to enrich the learning experience in their classrooms. 

Creating Scholars

A scholar is an intelligent and well- educated person who has a working knowledge and literacy in the foundations of education: history, mathematics, language, science, economics, religion and the arts. 

This background encourages mastery in the disciplines which will help our students to grow and achieve throughout their lifetime.

Students have the opportunity to explore various subjects during their career at FCS. Exposure to the full range of arts and sciences gives students a better grounding from which to choose a course of study at the university level.

Promoting good scholarship follows naturally from our commitment to high standards and student success. Education at the Fairfax Christian School gives our students an advantage in achieving their goals. 

The CardinalJo Thoburn