The AP Advantage


A school committed to excellence must prepare its students for college academics. To that end, the Fairfax Christian School offers Advanced Placement (AP) courses in many subject areas. AP courses bring college-level material and schoolwork to high school classrooms, allowing students to cultivate the skills they need to excel in higher education. Students may also earn college credit through the courses and associated AP tests. Our 2014-2015 offerings include:

History & Social Science 

In AP United States Government and Politics, students learn about our system of government from its constitutional foundation to modern political culture.

The comprehensive AP Human Geography course explores the development of cultures and their effect on the world.

AP Macroeconomics explores the workings of the economy as a whole, nationally and globally.

NEW:AP Psychology offers a thorough understanding of the concepts, theories and methods used to explore psychological phenomena and behaviors.


The advanced mathematics of AP Calculus BC includes key concepts in single-variable, differential and integral calculus.

AP Statistics teaches students how to effectively gather and analyze data for scientific purposes.


Students in AP Chemistry learn about chemicals through equations and in a laboratory environment.

In AP Physics C: Mechanics, the principles of matter and motion are revealed through mathematic and experimentation.

NEW: AP Physics 1 deeply explores the fundamental concepts of physics as a whole.

Language & Culture

The curriculum of AP Chinese Language and Culture integrates the Chinese language with its cultural origins and context.

AP French Language and Culture studies the different cultures which share the French language and develops communication skills.

In AP Spanish Language and Culture, students learn Spanish through authentic materials and vigorous conversational practice.

Art & Music

Students in Studio Art: Drawing develop technical proficiency in hand-drawn art, culminating in a personal portfolio.

NEW: Music Theory cultivates students’ understanding of the basic elements of music via listening, performance and composition.

The benefits of taking an AP course are many. Since the program is widely known and respected, admissions boards recognize the academic maturity of students with AP courses on their transcripts. Likewise, taking an AP course prepares students for higher learning and may allow them to skip certain entry-level classes. Students who take AP courses are statistically more likely to complete a college degree on schedule.

The AP program gives students a strong start. The skills learned in these courses—comprehension, diligence, communication and time management—apply not only to specific fields but also to personal and professional life. From every perspective, AP courses give students an advantage in life.