Teacher Feature: Mrs. Hsu Terry Wang

Mrs. Wang 1
Mrs. Wang 1

Mrs. Terry Wang has taught at FCS since 2011, but her years with us are merely the tip of the iceberg. She began her teaching career in 1985, providing instruction in Chinese at all levels for the Fairfax County Public Schools. She also taught at the Washington International School for eleven years before joining FCS.

This distinguished teacher is a College Board authorized AP Chinese Developer, Instructor and Conference Lead Session Speaker. She has received 12 Distinguished Toastmaster Awards from Toastmasters International for her excellence as an English and Chinese Public Speaking Trainer at the international level. Most notably, she was recognized by the Governor of Virginia with the “Most Influential Teacher” Award in 2008.

The depth and breadth of Mrs. Wang’s experience shows in her teaching. She tailors her classes based on “what students should know, and be able to do” at each level. Her instruction includes authentic cultural knowledge, linguistic proficiency and as much opportunity for practice as she can provide.

Instruction in Chinese language benefits students throughout their lives. Mrs. Wang helps her students develop their critical thinking, creativity, problem solving and analytical abilities.

Additionally, students learn to adapt to contemporary life in a complex global society.

Mrs. Wang values the strong moral code that FCS instills in our students. Bringing together international and domestic students allows them to experience in a practical setting the challenges and benefits of communication, cooperation and Christian culture. FCS works to establish “leaders for tomorrow and scholars for today.”