Preparing for a New School Year

The 2017–2018 school year is just around the corner. Here are a few guidelines for a strong start and a successful year at the Fairfax Christian School.

FCS uses JupiterEd as an online grade book, communication tool and information hub. Parents will receive an email with login instructions before the school year begins. Please contact the Main Office with any questions.

Uniforms and Dress Code
All uniform pieces must be purchased from Flynn & O’Hara. Students are expected to arrive on their first day in uniform.

The 2017–2018 Dress Code is available in the Main Office and on JupiterEd. Please put your student’s name on all uniform pieces to prevent permanent loss.

New Middle and High School students need to purchase an iPad (new or used). Other tablet brands are not permitted. Any full–sized iPad, third generation or later,
is acceptable.

All students with iPads must have a signed iPad Policy Agreement. This policy allows students to have a better educational experience with their iPads. Students should bring their fully charged iPads to school daily. iPads should have a cover or case to keep them protected.

FCS does not allow students to use “jailbroken” iPads. “Jailbreaking” is a process by which the default operating system of a device is deliberately altered. Student iPads must run the most recent iOS version that their device supports.

Students are not permitted to use LTE, 4G or hotspots to connect to the internet while on campus. All students must keep their WiFi connection turned off unless a teacher has asked the class to login specifically for an activity.

Gaming apps may not be installed on students’ iPads (except when a teacher instructs students to download an educational gaming app from the approved list). Teachers may delete any games found on a student’s iPad. iPad sounds must be muted at all times unless part of classwork.

Students are expected to access JupiterEd daily for assignments. Some classes will use ebooks and supplemental materials on the iPad. Teachers may administer tests and quizzes using Juno, our online testing app. Students may also use their iPads for word processing, study, research
and presentations.

Students must cite online
sources by URL and date where applicable. Please remember that it is illegal to copy large sections of a copyrighted work without the author’s permission.

Failure to comply with the rules in the FCS iPad Acceptable Use Policy will be considered an Honor Code violation and result in disciplinary action accordingly.

Summer Reading
There’s still time to read a few books on the Summer Reading list! Students may earn extra credit for up to four book reports on the reading list for their grade level. Please see our website or contact the office for more details.

Lunch Program
This year FCS has partnered again with Smart Lunches. This service allows students to have lunches tailored to their tastes and dietary needs. Interested families can get more information and sign up at