Teacher Feature: Miss Elinor Fischer

Miss Fischer 2
Miss Fischer 2

Elinor Fischer joined our faculty in 2010. She teaches 3rd Grade in most subject areas and 4th Grade in Bible and art. She is also a proud member of the Virginia Master Naturalists.

Working with young children calls for a balance of consistency and variety. Miss Fischer uses a range of methods in her teaching to optimize student engagement and interest. These methods include flashcards and review games for memory recall, projects and hands-on

activities to practice what they learn, and writing assignments to develop and hone their skills with written language.

Miss Fischer loves to see young minds opening and soaking in new information. Her students are at the age when they begin to learn how to think critically and to apply their knowledge. By engaging their natural curiosity and employing time- tested classical methods of education, Miss Fischer helps all her students to reach their full potential. What she loves most about teaching, she says, is seeing her students learn to know and grow in the Lord.

One advantage of education at the Fairfax Christian School, says Miss Fischer, is the benefit of extracurricular activities. She provides piano instruction after school to students at various

proficiency levels. These music lessons represent only a small part of the after-school activity schedule that FCS maintains. Teachers enjoy the opportunity to apply personal skills and interests while students gain experience and knowledge in areas beyond the core curriculum.

Working at FCS also allows faculty and staff to contribute to the international mission field. Students from other countries learn and grow in a school culture rooted in total Christianity.