Teacher Feature: Mr. Eric Lambert

Mr. Lambert 3
Mr. Lambert 3

The now retired Army Chaplain Jon Eric Lambert has been teaching at FCS since 1996, with the exception of the time he spent deployed with the military. He has taught ESL reading, grammar, science and history; New Testament and Old Testament Bible classes; courses in Christian ethics and church history; TOEFL prep courses; and British and American Literature courses.

Mr. Lambert spends his summers working intensely to prepare his curriculum. Throughout the school year, he keeps students engaged with a balanced workload and enough practice for students to achieve mastery of the subject. He specializes in worksheets which combine materials from previous lessons with new materials. This built-in review allows students to construct new knowledge on a reinforced foundation of prior knowledge.

The best thing about teaching, in Mr. Lambert’s opinion, is the students themselves. He holds them to high standards, raising their own expectations of themselves and their abilities. With patience, understanding and gentle humor, he coaches students at all levels to a better understanding and functional skill level in that particular subject area.

The freedom to teach about God and Christianity is Mr. Lambert’s favorite thing about the Fairfax Christian School. He especially enjoys his Bible and Christian ethics classes. Most of all, he loves to teach students about the wonders of God and His Word.

Devotion to God, a passion for teaching and a strong sense of purpose are the hallmarks of our teachers. Mr. Lambert is a fine example of the qualities we value at FCS.