Back To School


It’s nearly time for another year of excellence in everything at the Fairfax Christian School! To ensure a smooth beginning, here are some guidelines for the 2014-2015 school year.


Flynn & O’Hara is our uniform provider. All new uniform pieces must be purchased from Flynn & O’Hara at their retail store in Fairfax City or online at Previously purchased items from Lands’ End and The Dress Code are still acceptable.

We do not require that students purchase their school shoes from Flynn & O’Hara. All students are required to wear all black dress/loafer style shoes or all white or all black athletic shoes. Shoelaces must match the color of the shoe.

All students are expected to wear their full uniform on the first day. For more details, see the 2014-2015 Dress Code, which is available in the Admissions Office.

Students must maintain a clean, neat and traditional appearance. Shirts must be buttoned and shirttails must be tucked in at all times. Only the top shirt button may be unfastened. If T-shirts are worn under the uniform, they must be white and without printing. Inside school buildings, students may not wear outer coats, sweatshirts or sweaters that are not part of the official school uniform.

Boys’ hair must be short or layered and above the shirt collar and ears. Hair must be off the eyebrows. Sideburns must be short. No students may color their hair.

The P.E. uniform is mandatory for students who are required to change clothes for P.E. class. We recommend that you have all uniform items labeled with the student’s last name on the clothing tag with permanent marker.


New middle and high school students need to purchase an iPad, which can be new or used. Other tablet brands are not permitted. Any full-sized iPad is acceptable. Students should bring their iPads to school daily throughout the year. iPads should have a cover or case to keep them protected. All students with iPads must have a signed iPad Policy Agreement on file with the school office.

Students will be expected to access JupiterGrades daily for their assignments. Some classes may have some of their textbooks and supplemental materials on the iPad. Teachers may administer tests and quizzes using Juno. Students will also use their iPads for word processing, studying, research and presentations.

The Fairfax Christian School does not allow students to use “jailbroken” iPads for academic activities. “Jailbreaking” is a process by which the default operating system of a device is deliberately altered. Student iPads must run the most recent iOS version. Failure to comply will be considered an Honor Code violation.

All students must have their iPad's WiFi connection turned off unless a teacher has asked the class to login specifically for an activity. Failure to turn off the WiFi, except as directed by a teacher, will be considered an Honor Code violation.


Beginning in mid-August, parents can access information and policy documents online on the school’s JupiterGrades website. Please contact the Main Office with any questions about JupiterGrades.