Virginia's Top High Schools of 2014


Virginia Living has named the Fairfax Christian School as one of the Top High Schools & Colleges in Virginia for 2014.

The editors of Virginia Living magazine perform an annual review of the state’s public and private high schools, and two- and four-year colleges. They publish the names of the most outstanding schools in their feature article, “State of Education."

The Fairfax Christian School earned recognition in the category of Top High Schools in the Arts & Humanities. Virginia Living commended FCS for its comprehensive economics program.

Students at FCS learn about the foundational principles, policies and theories of economics starting in the fourth grade. We lay the groundwork by studying the biblical principles of economics. By fifth grade, students are prepared to apply these principles through a study of microeconomics in everyday situations.

Our Middle School students increase their understanding of economics by studying monetary policy and theory. After learning about trade, the free market, inflation and other economic concepts, seventh and eighth grade students test these concepts by competing in the Stock Market Game against their classmates and students at other schools. Applying their knowledge in a competitive setting gives our students the advantage of hands-on experience and observation of economic principles at work in real-world scenarios.

At the High School level, FCS offers advanced classes in economics and business. Every student can benefit from our course on “American Economic Freedom,” which surveys the history and function of capitalism in America. This class involves students in hands-on entrepreneurship and establishes a foundation in economics and business.

Our AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics courses offer university-level learning, as do our classes in Accounting, Speech & Debate and Business Law. FCS students graduate with an unparalleled grasp of economic principles and the fundamentals of business.

From Lower School to High School, FCS places a priority on the biblical and practical study of economics. We give our students every opportunity to develop an understanding of economics and business skills which will benefit them throughout their lives.