The Dress Code & Uniforms


At the Fairfax Christian School, our uniforms are part of our culture. Uniforms simplify grooming, provide structure, enhance creativity and prepare students for success.


An FCS high school girl who transferred from a government school says it best:

“I love wearing uniforms. I can sleep longer in the morning because I don’t have to fret over what to wear."

Additionally, uniforms relieve the monetary burden of having to buy designer and brand-name clothes for school as well as new outfits according to the trend and season. In Northern Virginia, it’s not uncommon for a family to spend over $2000 per year on school clothes. FCS students can purchase a five-day supply of uniforms for under $400, which represents significant savings.


Uniforms reduce the number of visual distractions in the classroom. At events and on field trips, identifying students is easy when everyone complies with the dress code. There is also a sense of unity and purpose among the students who stand with peers in uniform.


Each person has a limited amount of energy. In order to fulfill their potential, students must expend their energy wisely and not waste it on nonessential matters. The latest clothing trends are a distraction which we eliminate through uniforms.

FCS encourages students to look beyond appearances. When students wear the same outfit, they see each other as equals, which allows them to interact without shallow judgments.


“I feel like I’m already a doctor,” says one FCS student. Uniforms have a stabilizing effect on the mind. Adults wear professional clothes when they go to their jobs. Similarly, uniforms are a mental cue for students. They subconsciously go into “work mode” when in uniform. An untucked shirt or missing blazer suggests that the time to work is over, which has a negative effect on student productivity.

Studies have found that teachers relate to students better when the students are wearing uniforms. The teachers find their students more respectful and respectable in uniform, establishing a better relationship between teachers and students.