5 Ways to Get Straight A’s


As the school year progresses, it is important for students and parents to stay focused on succeeding in school. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your ideal GPA.

1. Organize

Staying organized is key to high grades and low stress. A student who comes to class prepared with their books and papers will be able to succeed. Check that you have everything you need before you come to school. If you need books or supplies, ask for them!

It is important to have a quiet, clean, well-lighted space at home for studying. Getting in the habit of working in the same space will bring consistency to the student’s study time and increase focus.

JupiterEd is a great tool for students and parents to stay on task. The calendar gives a quick snapshot of upcoming tests, quizzes and assignments. When parents and students use JupiterGrades as a tool to stay organized, grades improve.

2. Get Help Before Trouble Starts

If your student seems to be having difficulty at school for any reason, let a teacher or other staff member know right away. Our dedicated faculty will work with your student to resolve any issue and optimize their success.

Likewise, if you have any problems logging in to JupiterEd or finding information on our website, contact the school office.

3. Communicate with the School

Parents and students should receive our Weekly Reminders email and monthly Cardinal newsletter. If you are not receiving either of these, please contact the school office.

If you have any question or issue, however big or small, please let us know. Students and parents are encouraged to send an email, call or tell the secretary. We can’t fix problems that we don’t know about.

You are always welcome to offer your feedback or ideas to improve the school. Your satisfaction is our priority. Our staff is here to serve students, parents and families.

4. Eat Well

Students need healthy nutrition to keep their minds and bodies in peak condition. Start each day with a good breakfast, bring or order a healthy lunch and have a wholesome dinner.

Students need healthy foods to fuel their growing bodies and brains. Avoid “junk” foods and foods with food coloring or added sugar, which may decrease focus and cause hyperactivity. A diet of whole foods like fresh vegetables and fruits, grass-feed beef, fresh eggs and whole grains will give students a healthy advantage in the classroom.

5. Sleep Well

A healthy sleep pattern drastically improves a student’s behavior and performance. Ideally, students should go to bed early enough to wake up on their own, without an alarm. Having a “lights out” policy at nine or ten o’clock and putting internet routers on timers so they shut down at the same time, will help students sleep better without distractions. Remind students that calling anyone after 9:00pm is rude. Enforcing this rule with friends will also avoid late-night interruptions.