Teacher Feature: Mr. Eric Duncanson

Mr. Eric Duncanson has taught at the Fairfax Christian School for nearly seven years. He earned a bachelor’s degree in music and a master’s degree in education from Southeastern University.

Mr. Duncanson teaches most of our music courses: Lower School Music, the Colonial Fife and Drum Corps, A Cappella Choir, AP Music Theory and Music Ensemble. Additionally, he teaches Fifth Grade English, Math and History, as well as Sixth Grade History. 

As leader of the Drama Club, Mr. Duncanson is responsible for the Spring Musical. His students in the Colonial Fife and Drum Corps and in the A Cappella Choir perform at many school events, and patrons of the Reston Town Center hear them caroling near Christmas every year.

Mr. Duncanson’s primary teaching method is example, especially in music. He challenges his students with questions and scenarios which encourage them to think for themselves. He makes each subject relevant to his students.

One thing which sets FCS apart from other schools is the prevalence of highly motivated students. Our rigorous academics and enduring commitment to excellence draw in students who are diligent and driven to succeed. Mr. Duncanson enjoys teaching students with a strong desire to learn.

Mr. and Mrs. Thoburn’s support for the fine arts programs at FCS is very important to Mr. Duncanson. He looks forward to fostering students’ passion for learning and musical expression for years to come.