Staff Spotlight: Dr. Margaret Bickers

Dr. Margaret Bickers is in her seventh year as an FCS bus driver. Her experience with schools and driving goes back much further:  she earned her Ph.D. in Child Psychology while driving Fairfax County Public School buses.

Being a bus driver was not her second choice. Dr. Bickers has always enjoyed driving, both professionally and for recreation. She likes interacting with students during her morning and afternoon routes as part of our To-Your-Door bus service.

With over forty years of experience as a bus driver, Dr. Bickers has seen many different types of students over the years. FCS students are extraordinarily well-behaved and polite. The staff and faculty at FCS are friendly and helpful.

“I love spending time with these great kids,” says Mrs. Bickers. “It’s wonderful to be part of a positive school experience for them. I tell the kids, ‘Have a good day and learn something new!’ every day.”