Teacher Feature: Dr. Wayne L. Genter

The Fairfax Christian School welcomes Dr. Wayne Genter to our distinguished faculty. He is presently teaching High School classes in AP Physics, Linear Algebra and Advanced Math.

Dr. Genter has an extensive background in the sciences. He earned both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in science with a Ph.D. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He holds several patents and has made technical publications in the areas of queueing analysis, speech processing, aircraft communication, multidimensional digital signal processing, aircraft navigation and surveillance. He has figured prominently in many international telecommunication and avionic standards organizations.

As a career engineer, Dr. Genter is well equipped to relate the topics of classroom math and science to real-world problems and applications. He believes that students become more highly motivated when they see the value of the subjects which they are learning and mastering.

What prompted Dr. Genter to pursue a teaching career was the knowledge that his contributions to the field of engineering, many and advanced as they are, will be updated, replaced or made obsolete as the field continues to progress. “Our real contributions of value will be how we have impacted the lives of others,” he says. “I hope to

make such contributions at FCS by teaching my students and inspiring them to identify their strengths and interests.”

Dr. Genter values the Christian worldview from which we teach academics at the Fairfax Christian School. He believes that the student body at FCS is exceptional, both morally and academically. 

Jo Thoburn