Teacher Feature: Mr. Aaron Thurston

Aaron Thurston has taught classes in nearly every subject area during his six years at FCS, including math, economics, science, Bible and ESL courses. His area of expertise (and particular favorite) is history, but he cheerfully takes on a variety of Middle and High School classes each year. 

Mr. Thurston knew in 5th Grade that he wanted to be a teacher. A decade of experience as an educator has not diminished his passion for showing students how to accomplish their goals. 

During class, Mr. Thurston encourages students to become active learners by answering his questions or asking questions of their own. He maintains high expectations for his students and mentors them as they prepare for the rigors of higher education and real-world challenges. Students work hard in his classes, but they also learn to enjoy the process and the rewards of their honest efforts. 

Besides taking notes on lectures and homework readings, students in Mr. Thurston’s classes need to know how to appropriately mix technology into their learning processes. Mr. Thurston uses technology for homework assignments and testing procedures when the technology enhances the subject material. His goal is to make sure that all of his students will excel in college, their careers and their communities. 

Whether in the classroom or as coach for the girls’ volleyball, basketball and soccer teams, Mr. Thurston says that working with students is the best part of his job. He especially enjoys occasions when a student who had struggled with a concept finally has a “Eureka!” moment and begins to succeed. 

Mr. Thurston appreciates the dedication and willingness to learn that FCS students bring to school every day. 

“I knew that I wanted to help change the world,” he says, “and the best way for me to do that was through teaching. Watching students learn and helping them succeed just makes me smile.”