Teacher Feature: Mrs. Wilhelm

Mrs. Wilhelm has taught at the Fairfax Christian School for nine years. She teaches Advanced Third Grade and Business Math.

The method Mrs. Wilhelm uses is known as the “student centered” teaching method. Her students learn primarily by actively engaging with the lessons, whether through memorization, demonstration, recitation or combinations of the three. Participation is key for students to learn and master the material.

Mrs. Wilhelm loves the experience of watching students learn. Practical learning is especially important for younger students. To properly integrate new knowledge, they must be able to apply it in their work. Mrs. Wilhelm enjoys seeing her students use a newly-learned concept to solve problems and develop deeper understanding.

Mrs. Wilhelm’s favorite thing about the Fairfax Christian School is that teachers have the opportunity to teach the Bible to their students, giving them a moral grounding for the rest of their education. She also likes our low student-teacher ratio. Small class size allows teachers to give students individualized attention and adapt their lessons to more effectively reach these unique children. Mrs. Wilhelm is able to work with her students to overcome particular challenges and bring out their very best.