Facts About SAT & PSAT

On Wednesday, October 11th, Eighth, Ninth and Eleventh Grade students took the PSAT. Our Tenth Grade students will take their version of the PSAT in the spring of 2018. Most of our seniors are registering to take the SAT in December. Since many students have questions about these tests, we’d like to highlight critical information to help students feel confident, informed and prepared.

PSAT Pre–Administration
The day before the PSAT we hold a short pre–administration session. This session allows students to fill in their personal information on the answer sheets. It’s important for students to attend the session so there is no delay or confusion when they take the PSAT.

Redesigned PSAT
The PSAT, like the SAT, has been redesigned as of 2015. The test is better aligned now with school learning and emphasizes more practical vocabulary.

Here is what students need to know about the PSAT:

  • The score scale has been adjusted to 400 – 1600 points, reflecting two 800–point sections instead of three.
  • There is no longer a negative point penalty for incorrect or “guessed” answers. Correct answers are worth one point; incorrect answers are worth zero points.
  • The PSAT does not have an essay portion.

Redesigned SAT
The changes to the SAT are nearly identical to those on the PSAT. The only major difference is that the SAT still has an essay portion. The essay itself has changed: it is now optional, and will be graded separately on a scale from two to eight points. The essay is highly recommended for students who wish to attend selective universities or colleges.

SAT & PSAT Preparation
We recommend that students take advantage of the resources available on the CollegeBoardwebsite at collegeboard.org and through Khan Academy at www.khanacademy.com/sat as they study for the PSAT or SAT.

Additionally, FCS will host an SAT Bootcamp by Best Academy from late October through November.