Teacher Feature: Mrs. Locklar

Mrs. Locklar is in her seventh year of teaching at FCS. She teaches Physical Education for Advanced Kindergarten through 4th Grade. She also teaches Health to the 3rd and 4th Grades and assists the 4th Grade Art class. Additionally, she is our sound technician for school assemblies.

Physical activity is particularly important for younger children because of their high energy levels.

They need the opportunity to be active in order to concentrate on their schoolwork later. With proper guidance, physical activity can also increase children’s coordination and balance.

The Fairfax Christian School always puts safety first. We provide the appropriate terrain for different sports and games, softer equipment for younger children and well-established rules of safe play. Working in this environment allows Mrs. Locklar to engage her students’ minds and bodies with minimal risk of injury.

Mrs. Locklar scales the range and challenge of activities to suit the needs and abilities of students at different grade levels. Advanced Kindergarten students spend half of their P.E. time taking part in group games and half in a variety of supervised activities. For older students, Mrs. Locklar incorporates some sports with modified rules to include those who are still developing physical skills. Even in Health classes, Mrs. Locklar pairs the textbook with hands-on learning to teach and reinforce each lesson.

Because students vary in athletic ability, Mrs. Locklar grades students’ participation rather than skill. More advanced students receive grades based on their attitudes and work in Health classes.

Mrs. Locklar enjoys the opportunity to teach students at several grade levels. Her favorite aspect of the job is interacting with students.

“We have a student body second to none,” she says. “It is truly a joy to see their bright faces as I enter each classroom.”