Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Amanda B. Fournier

Mrs. Amanda Fournier has worked at The Fairfax Christian School since February 2016. Prior to joining our staff, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, worked for the state of Delaware’s Department of Justice and started a family. Her three children attend The Fairfax Christian School: one in the Lower School, one in Middle School, and one in High School.

As an Academic Advisor, Mrs. Fournier works closely with students to ensure that they get the full benefits of their education. She makes sure students are placed in the right course for their skill level and keeps teachers, parents and guardians informed about any particular challenges that arise. She also works with our seniors on their college applications, coordinates standardized testing and emails monthly updates to overseas parents.

What Mrs. Fournier enjoys most about her job is being a positive influence on our young people. She enjoys giving our students counsel and encouragement, and strives to be a positive role model for them.

Mrs. Fournier’s favorite thing about FCS is that our Christian faith is an integral part of our curriculum. Every student takes a Bible class every year, and other subjects are taught from a Biblical worldview. “It’s great to be able to pray with colleagues,” Mrs. Fournier says. “I also appreciate the small class sizes and one-on-one attention the teachers are able to give students. The teachers here are really wonderful.”