Teacher Feature: Dr. David A. Lochbihler

David Allen Lochbihler, J.D., began teaching at the Fairfax Christian School in August of 2015. He teaches Fourth Grade as well as Pre-Algebra, ESL Speech I, ESL Speech II and Bible classes.

Dr. Lochbihler uses the Socratic method to engage his students’ critical thinking skills. He poses questions that challenge their understanding and inspire them to “think outside the box.” The depth and creativity of a good classroom discussion keeps all the students involved in the learning process.

“Teaching is the greatest job in the world,” says Dr. Lochbihler. Students at FCS work at an advanced level and rise to every challenge. Every day they bring enthusiasm and a sense of wonder into the classroom.

Dr. Lochbihler appreciates the professionalism and expertise of his colleagues. The school’s mission and vision bring focus to every aspect of the education process. The FCS faculty operates “like a group of dedicated and brilliant professors at an excellent university.” It is no wonder that Dr. Lochbihler finds it a joy to come to work each morning.