Teacher Feature: Miss Rachel Piescik

Miss Rachel Piescik is our Communications Director. She has worked at the Fairfax Christian School since 2013 and has taught Creative Writing, Speech and Debate, various Literature and ESL courses, Sixth Grade English and Media Arts.

Miss Piescik encourages students to consider ideas and informationfrom a critical angle. She stresses the importance of presenting ideas well. “Careless mistakes can make even the best content seem like a joke,” she says. “Spelling, grammar, word choice and medium affect the way others receive your work.”

The Fairfax Christian School maintains an exceptional student body. Miss Piescik loves to watch students flourish as intelligent, dedicated and upstanding individuals. She is particularly proud of our graduates, whose industry and perseverance have earned them admission to prestigious universities and colleges across the country.

As Communications Director, Miss Piescik appreciates the opportunity to promote the Fairfax Christian School. “This school really is extraordinary,” she says. “From fundamentals to electives, every course we offer goes above and beyond the standards of other schools.”

The faculty and staff at FCS are exemplary. Miss Piescik is honored to work with a team who respond to the individual needs of students while maintaining the traditional values which define the Fairfax Christian School.