Teacher Feature: Miss Heather Morrow

Heather Morrow has been a teacher for 17 years, but her experience at the Fairfax Christian School began when she was four years old. She attended FCS through High School, growing to admire her teachers and the school’s approach to learning.

Miss Morrow teaches the Advanced Kindergarten class at FCS. Her teaching methods are based on the traditional approach used by her own teachers.

Her primary inspiration comes from Rosemary Sweet Thoburn (grandmother of our current Dean of Academics, Miss Rosemary Thoburn), who created the phonics and early childhood curriculum which is still used in FCS classrooms to this day. “It is because of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thoburn that I am teaching here today,” she says.

In the Lower School, as in the Middle School and High School, FCS teachers approach students with expectancy: we aim high, encouraging students to strive for excellence and to achieve more than just passing grades.

What Miss Morrow particularly loves about her job is kindling the spark of curiosity in her students and guiding them to mastery in new areas. Working at FCS provides her a fulfilling venue for teaching because of the Christian foundation and atmosphere. 

Miss Morrow understands the value of integrating knowledge with students’ lives. Everything that we teach has a purpose: “All that we learn helps us better know our Creator, His creation and the roles He has planned for us.”

The most gratifying aspect of teaching is interacting with the children. Miss Morrow loves their eager eyes, loving hearts and pure faith. She cherishes Christ’s words in Matthew 19:14 : “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.” She treasures the opportunity to shape these children in the image of Christ.