Staff Spotlight: Mrs. Joyce Seto

Mrs. Joyce Seto joined our staff at FCS in 2015, but she was no stranger to the school: her oldest child had been enrolled here since 2011. Now her oldest has graduated, and the rest of her children are thriving at FCS.

Before having children, she earned her bachelor’s degree in Production Management and worked in the fashion industry.

Mrs. Seto works chiefly with our Chinese students. She is responsible for sending monthly emails to students’ parents overseas, contacting guardians about their students and helping our seniors with the college application process. One of her most important tasks is helping parents and guardians to understand the unique challenges of international students and placing students at the appropriate academic level.

Working at a Christian school gives Mrs. Seto the chance to practice and share her faith in the workplace. She enjoys the opportunity to pray with coworkers in the morning.    “We have the great opportunity to teach many international students about the Bible,” she says, “because many of them have never heard about it before.” Providing a top-tier education in a Christian setting gives students a solid foundation for the rest of their lives, in and out of school.