Leadership & Teamwork

The Fairfax Christian School is dedicated to providing students with a complete education from a Christian worldview. Founded on Biblical standards and steeped in tradition, FCS stands out as an exemplary institution. 


The Fairfax Christian School has a discrete advantage built into its infrastructure: it has historically maintained control over its own governance. As an independent school, FCS is overseen by its administration.

Many schools struggle because their boards make demands that cannot realistically be met. These issues arise when the governing body of the school has no direct experience with the day-to-day operations of the school or the particular needs of the students.

FCS avoids these struggles by having its highly competent and experienced chief administrators serve as the board of directors. Any decision affecting the school is made with full knowledge and understanding of our underlying principles, goals and needs.

Improved communication at the top leads to smoother operations

at every level. Faculty and staff members make use of technology to maintain communication and to ensure that we work consistently toward the same goals. Our dedicated teachers work together to provide classes consistent with the Biblical worldview of the school while serving the particular needs of each student. 

High Expectations 

We maintain the highest standards for performance, behavior and dress, for our faculty and staff members as well as our students. Every person at FCS is expected to come in looking neat, clean and professional. Good manners and considerate behavior are the norm rather than the exception.

Though modern culture places little to no value on such matters, common courtesy and compliance with the dress code significantly impact the atmosphere of the school. We take pride in looking and acting professional before, during and after school hours. Presenting oneself with respect and dignity encourages others to do the same.

In holding ourselves to such high standards, we intend to be an example to our students and to our

community, a “city that is set on a hill,” as a beacon of Christian faith and truth (Matthew 5:14). 


The very best students thrive at FCS. Our graduates are accepted to prestigious universities all around the country. The success of each student is our highest priority.

In addition to rigorous academic standards, FCS nourishes the development of each student’s particular gifts and abilities. Students are encouraged to put their special talents to good use, whether through the arts, subject- specific clubs and competitions, sports, volunteer work or other extracurricular activities.

Parents, as much as students and staff, are part of the learning team. Our online gradebook and planner, JupiterEd, keeps parents informed about and involved in the formation of their students into responsible young men and women.

As part of our commitment to the absolute best in education, we welcome input from students, parents and families. The faculty and staff of FCS embrace every opportunity to improve and enrich our students’ lives.