Critical Math Skills

A strong foundation in mathematics gives our students an advantage for life. The key to success in mathematics is mastery of critical skills.

Basic arithmetic lays the groundwork for more advanced studies. Advanced Kindergarten students at FCS learn addition and subtraction; by the time they pass Second Grade, they have memorized multiplication tables. Students in Sixth Grade, having mastered all arithmetic skills, are ready to learn the fundamental concepts of Algebra and Geometry.

FCS teaches mathematics one year above grade level compared to most government schools. Every level builds logically on the knowledge students learned before. By systematically introducing concepts and increasing the degree of challenge, our classes allow students to cultivate true mastery in the field of mathematics.

Many public schools use the Common Core curriculum, which delays basic instruction and instead pursues a questionable “exploration” of math concepts. Without real knowledge, students will not learn to use math in practical ways. This type of education may prepare students for more Common Core lessons, but it will not equip them for the demands of higher education and adult life.

If taught correctly, math helps students in many areas. The discipline of mathematics encourages problem-solving skills through applied logic and attention to facts. Students who can do simple math without a calculator are more efficient in their work and confident in their abilities.

All students can succeed in math if they are willing to put forth a good effort. With preparation, focus and a time-tested curriculum, our students gain practical knowledge as well as a competitive advantage which will serve them for many years to come.

The CardinalJo Thoburn