Curriculum & Resources: Preparing for Success

At the Fairfax Christian School, we are committed to delivering the highest quality education to every student. We select only the best materials and methods. 


A great education must equip students to face life as a productive member of society. Undemanding courses and easy A’s set up students for failure after graduation. FCS provides challenging coursework for students at every grade level to give them an advantage in and out of school. 

Our curriculum is ahead of the coursework at most public schools. In our Advanced Third Grade, for instance, students complete work at the typical fourth grade level. Middle School students take Pre- Algebra and Algebra 1 to prepare for high level courses in High School. FCS graduates excel at prestigious universities and colleges because they embrace the challenge of higher learning.


Teachers at FCS know the value of working together to positively affect their classroom strategies. The faculty meets regularly before, during and after the school year to review our methods and consider ways to continually improve. Veteran teachers share their years of experience, while new teachers bring fresh perspective to our time- tested curriculum. 

of approaches which maximize learning. Students are challenged to master subjects through hands-on activities, group work and individual projects. Accuracy, proficiency and presentation are valued in every subject area. 


Our ambitious program fits students who are just as committed to their own success as we are. We test new students to place them in their ideal learning environment. 

Parents can easily track their child’s academic progress through the JupiterEd site, our online gradebook and planner. Students use the same service to view and submit assignments, check grades and contact their teachers. 

Whether in preparation for college or to resolve other concerns, students are welcome to meet with our academic administrators. The FCS mission is to provide students with the knowledge and skills they need to go on to future success.