Dual Enrollment for University Credit

This semester, the Fairfax Christian School began offering Dual Enrollment courses for university credit. Students attend their Dual Enrollment courses on our campus during the regular school day. Our Fairfax Christian School teachers, who are also certified adjunct professors, teach the courses.


The coursework for Dual Enrollment courses is advanced and rigorous. Students are eligible to earn university credits for their Dual Enrollment high school courses and will receive a transcript to transfer their credits to their university. Course requirements and textbooks for Dual Enrollment courses are selected by the Fairfax Christian School in cooperation with Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC). 

Students may elect to complete their associate's degree in arts or sciences to coincide with their high school diploma. Some coursework for an A.A. or A.S. may be completed off campus. Students who complete their A.A. or A.S. will be eligible for the Guaranteed Admission Agreement with more
than forty universities including the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, College of William and Mary, George Washington University, Virginia Commonwealth University and George Mason University.

To qualify for placement into a Dual Enrollment course, students must take the prerequisites required by the Fairfax Christian School and meet the admissions standards for NVCC.

Currently, the Fairfax Christian School is offering Religion 246: Christianity. Students are eligible to receive three credits from NVCC for this one-semester course.  The class is taught by Mr. Eric Lambert as an adjunct professor. Other Fairfax Christian School teachers are being certified as adjunct professors for the 2019-2020 school year.

Dual Enrollment courses for the fall semester will include English, History, Biology and Bible. Other courses may be added based on demand. Dual Enrollment classes will replace some Advanced Placement classes.