Engaging Lecturers


Dr. Walter Hays, former Deputy Chief for Research Applications in the Office of Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Engineering for the United States Geological Survey (USGS), gave a presentation on the types of waves produced during an earthquake. He explained the seismological behavior of earthquakes to our Middle School students and showed how we are able to measure and predict seismic events. Students also learned about the various types of waves, the different behaviors of each and how understanding these behaviors helps us learn about the Earth’s geology.


Mr. Eric Lambert shared his theory about the location of the Temple Mount and how he had come to his conclusion. He also explained to our High School students the great deal of time and effort that goes into doing extensive research into biblical history. The location of the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem had been universally accepted for many years. He showed them his research and how various scholars had arrived at mistaken conclusions. He stressed the importance of thinking for yourself in order to better understand the world around you.


Mr. Aaron Thurston and Miss Rosemary Thoburn dressed in American Civil War era clothes and gave students a glimpse back into time. They told the class about the lifestyles of people at that time and helped students better understand some of the challenges that soldiers, slaves and politicians endured in their daily life. They pointed out the differences in the way we conduct warfare, communicate, medicate and interact as a culture. They also illustrated how differently we dress and how technology and social mores of the time limited and shaped our choices.