Engaging Lecturers

On February 28, our Middle School students enjoyed having Mr. Dave Woodruff as a guest lecturer. Mr. Woodruff worked in the banking and financial services industry for more than thirty–seven years, including thirty–two of those with Visa. He gave a quick overview of the history of banking, credit and current trends in the market. He concluded with a question and answer session and encouraged the class to continue to work hard in school so that they could achieve their academic goals. We are grateful to Mr. Woodruff for his time and words of encouragement.

David Woodruff.jpg


Dr. Albert Yu is a computational biologist specializing in microbial and human genomics analysis for a variety of human diseases. He gave a presentation on human microbiome, which is the collection of microorganisms living in the human body. He explained that a delicate balance of the composition of microbial community has a great impact on human health. With further research, scientists are able to find the specific characterization of the host–microbiome interaction, which in turn could have diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive implications for diseases and health in general.

President Washington.jpg

On February  20, our Fife and Drum Corps heralded the opening of a very special birthday celebration hosted by our Lower School to honor our nation’s first president.  Living historians portraying President Washington, joined by his granddaughter, Nelly Custis and our nation’s fourth president, James Madison, took our students on a journey through time. President Washington entertained all the guests with stories from his childhood and shared some of the valuable lessons he learned from his father. President Madison challenged our students to study the Constitution and always strive to be good citizens. Everyone joined in as we sang “Happy Birthday, Mr. President.” The cake was delicious!