Teacher Feature: Mr. David L. McElfresh

Mr. David McElfresh is entering his sixth year of teaching at FCS. He teaches science, math and economics at the High School level. His current classes include AP Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, AP Calculus, AP Chemistry and AP Statistics.

Interaction is important in Mr. McElfresh’s lessons. Students learn best by participating in class. By engaging with the teacher’s presentation of information, asking questions and brainstorming answers, students build lasting knowledge.

Whenever possible, particularly in science classes, Mr. McElfresh likes to work experiments into the curriculum. Hands-on experimentation develops an understanding of the physical sciences which complements and enhances the knowledge obtained from traditional lessons.

Mr. McElfresh enjoys the daily process of teaching: presentation, interaction with students, the building of skills and the mastery of concepts. He even enjoys grading homework because it allows him to see what knowledge the students have carried through into their independent work.

For Mr. McElfresh, the most satisfying aspect of teaching is watching students master the concepts with which they had previously struggled. Helping students to understand the material and to appreciate its importance is a key part of his enjoyment. “That’s what teaching is all about: helping your students reach the point where something important really makes sense.”

One benefit of working at FCS that Mr. McElfresh especially likes is being part of a caring team of teachers and administrators. Knowing that he can ask for and receive whatever support he needs allows him to focus his energy on instruction.

Another unique benefit of working at a Christian school is that teachers are allowed to be open about their faith and its impact on their subjects. As Mr. McElfresh says: “Being able to teach my students in a Christian environment is a special blessing.”