Teacher Feature: Mrs. Jamie C. You

Mrs. Jamie C. You

Mrs. Jamie You joined the FCS faculty at the beginning of the 2016–2017 school year. Previously she worked at the National Health Research Institute and National Taiwan University as a technician and research assistant.

Mrs. You teaches math, science and AP Chinese. She sees every class and every semester as a journey for her students; she is there to guide them towards mastery of the subjects and to prepare them for success.

Mrs. You enjoys teaching and encouraging students to work diligently and to recognize the fruits of their labors. She wants to show her students that hard work results in greater ability, personal growth and maturity as well as in good grades.

Mrs. You, like the rest of our faculty, takes a personal interest in working with her students to help them to understand their own strengths and weakness. It is only through understanding one’s limitations that one can be expected to overcome them.

Mrs. You isn’t just a teacher at Fairfax Christian School; she is also a parent. Her daughter is a rising second grade student in Mrs. Marrs's class. We look forward to having them in the FCS family for many years.