Alumni News: Fortunato Merone

Fortunato Merone

Fairfax Christian School alumni and 2006 graduate, Fortunato Merone and his family own and operate Mama Merone’s Catering, the company that does our school lunch catering. Fortunato has fond memories from his time at FCS and credits our school with providing him the skills in English that have been instrumental in his success. He likens his time at FCS, studying with people from around the world, to his current career, providing meal services for a wide variety of companies, including international private aviation fleets at Washington–Dulles International Airport. His FCS experience provided him with a foundation preparing him well for working with business professionals from countless nations and many different cultural backgrounds on a daily basis. 

Fortunato likes to say, “No matter what you do, you need to be passionate about it and enjoy the work in order to succeed.” His advice to our current students is to recognize the importance of the lessons you are learning now, because their relevance will become clearer down the line and will shape your future.