Teacher Feature: Mr. Chris Carter

Mr. Chris Carter

Mr. Chris Carter is a versatile member of our staff, serving as both a teacher and a student counselor. Mr. Carter brings years of experience, a tremendously positive attitude and a sharp intellect to our team.

Hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Mr. Carter spent the first two decades of his life in the Steel City. Due to the influence of his parents, both teachers themselves, he knew education was his calling. 

In order to make that vocation a reality, Mr. Carter pursued a bachelor’s degree in linguistics from Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. Upon finishing his studies, he embarked on a new adventure to receive a master’s degree in linguistics. After spending a challenging yet rewarding year at the University of Westminster, Mr. Carter obtained an advanced degree in linguistics.

Central to his desire to teach is his faith. Mr. Carter has been a committed Christian for nearly 16 years. Christian education provides the perfect opportunity for him to meld his faith with his vocation. 

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Carter enjoys reading, running, and exploring D.C. with friends.