Staff Spotlight: Mr. Joseph Sun


Mr. Joseph Sun has worked at the Fairfax Christian School for six years. He is our International Admissions Director, primarily handling admissions for Chinese-speaking countries.

Mr. Sun enjoys meeting families from different backgrounds. He guides them through the admissions process and remains in contact with them throughout the academic year. Developing an understanding of the families’ aspirations and goals helps him to facilitate the outcome they desire for their children.

“The hardest part,” he says, “ is being accepted and not feeling like a foreigner.” At FCS, the thriving population of international students gives new arrivals a sense of belonging. 

Our students and graduates demonstrate that hard work and determination, combined with a challenging and supportive environment, are fundamental to success.

Education in China emphasizes competition, repetition and memorization. At the Fairfax Christian School, the top priority is to foster a true understanding of each subject. Once students master the fundamentals, they must learn how to practically apply their knowledge. With guidance, our students develop the minds of scholars.

Mr. Sun’s favorite thing about the Fairfax Christian School is seeing his own children, along with all of the other students, grow and thrive in a wholesome Christian environment. They are taught by kind and caring teachers who constantly challenge their intellect and help them to reach their full potential.