Staff Spotlight: Miss Rosemary Thoburn


Miss Rosemary Thoburn, Class of ’08, is our Dean of Students. She is the granddaughter of the school’s founders and has worked for the school in various capacities for thirteen years. She served as the Dean of Academics for the 2014-15 school year. Before that, she taught World History, AP U.S. History and several ESL courses. She also represents the school locally and internationally.

As the Fairfax Christian School Dean of Students, Miss Thoburn works with students and parents to improve their overall school experience. One of her favorite duties is encouraging the joy of learning inside and outside of the classroom through special events. She organizes school clubs, field trips, guest speakers and performances with the hope of seeing students step up to new challenges and have what she calls, “lightbulb moments.” She has also planned fun school trips toWashington, D.C., Hershey Park, King’s Dominion and even Disney World.

Miss Thoburn’s favorite aspects of FCS are its pursuit of values, an invested interest in every student’s individual gifts and talents and its uncompromising pursuit of quality. These traits have remained true since the founding of the school back in 1961. She finds it deeply rewarding to see students and parents excited about being a part of the FCS community. She is looking forward to continuing the school’s legacy on the new campus with the greater opportunities it will provide for the next generation of FCS students.