Teacher Feature: Mrs. Grace Droblas

Mrs. Grace Cuelez Droblas joined the faculty at the Fairfax Christian School this past fall, teaching Earth Science, Biology and AP Biology to our high school students. She and her husband, Steve, joined the FCS family in 2016 when they enrolled their daughter in fourth grade. Mrs. Droblas has more than twenty years of experience and achievement in the sciences. She enjoys the opportunity she has to get to know the great parents, students and staff at Fairfax Christian School and loves to see her child learning and growing every day.


Mrs. Droblas developed an interest in science as a child. During her fifth grade year, she was awarded with a membership to the Miami Museum of Science. In high school, she was accepted to the Florida Governor’s Summer Programs for Marine Science and Medical Microbiology. She was also a Miami Herald Silver Knight Nominee in Science and a National Hispanic Scholarship recipient. She earned her undergraduate degree in Biological Science at Florida International University where she was a Faculty Scholar. She also earned a Master’s in Biomedical Science from Florida Atlantic University (FAU).  She did additional graduate–level coursework at FAU’s Department of Chemistry/Biochemistry as well as coursework through the Harvard University Summer School on Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Medical Ethics.  She was on the team for the “Tubes In The Desert” program at the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University to support the development of a photobioreactor and biofuel, establishing large scale culturing techniques of cyanobacteria.

Mrs. Droblas previously taught Introductory Biology to Allied Health students at Rio Salado College. She has been a foreign missionary to Chile in South America. She was also on a domestic mission team in Arizona.  She takes great delight in sharing many of science’s most interesting lessons with her students. Her passion for science is reinforced by her strong faith.  She feels that now, with the volume and magnitude of new discoveries, it is vital to preserve and investigate the synergies of a Christian worldview in coordination with science.