Teacher Feature: Mr. David C. Brenner

David Brenner has taught at the Fairfax Christian School for two years. He teaches American, British and World Literature as well as Styles in Literature, Creative Writing and ESL classes. This fall he looks forward to teaching Business Law and American Economic Freedom.

Mr. Brenner encourages his students to view literature through the lens

of scripture: how the themes relate to the biblical message, whether the themes are consistent or inconsistent, what motivates the characters, etc. He pushes his students to look for the author’s intentions in presenting the story a certain way. This perspective enables them to understand literature more completely, as well as recognize the importance of precision and concision in their own writing.

Continual revision and editing are integral to the writing process. To that end, Mr. Brenner asks his students for multiple drafts of writing assignments. He offers general guidance for correction, but he does not fix individual mistakes. Requiring students to correct and improve upon their own writing allows them to develop good habits of revision and continuous learning.

Mr. Brenner loves watching students developing their capacity for critical analysis, as well as seeing lightbulbs go on in their heads as they connect great literary themes to their lives and contemporary issues. He shares in his students’ pride when their writing improves over the course of each year.

The FCS approach is that the Bible is relevant to all subjects and to every aspect of our lives. Mr. Brenner appreciates that students see Biblical ideas introduced and reinforced in different areas in their academic lives. There is a strong sense of collegiality among the faculty and administration as we strive toward a common goal: to create scholars by providing the highest academic standards in an environment of faith, encouragement and respect.