Miss Rosemary Thoburn is our Dean of Students. She is an alumna of the Fairfax Christian School and the granddaughter of the school’s founders. She has worked for the school in various capacities for ten years. In the past she has taught World History, AP U.S. History and several ESL courses. She also filled the role of Dean of Academics for the 2014-15 year.

As the FCS Dean of Students, Miss Thoburn oversees school assemblies, special events and extracurricular activities. She works with students and parents to improve their overall school experience. Hers is one of the first smiles that prospective families and students see when they come to look at the school.

One of Miss Thoburn’s favorite duties is providing new learning experiences by organizing field trips. Through visits to museums and special exhibits, students see the relevance of their studies in history and science. Participation in the band competition at Hershey Park allows students to demonstrate their musical performance skills. Students may also have the opportunity for hands-on learning at places like Mount Vernon, Gunston Hall and Cox Farms.

Miss Thoburn is particularly excited to plan the school trip to Disney World so that students can take part in the Youth Education Series (YES). This program is an eye-opening experience of the science and ingenuity behind Disney’s special effects. As a student, Miss Thoburn participated in this program. She is delighted at the chance to share this experience with our current High School students.

Miss Thoburn’s favorite aspect of FCS is the uncompromising standard of quality. Students who attend the school are given an amazing foundation to become great scholars and leaders. They work hard, step up to challenges and ultimately thrive in top universities all over the country. Teachers and administrators work together to achieve the school’s mission. “I find my job deeply rewarding,” says Miss Thoburn. “The school leaves a lasting impression on students. They go on to do great things and to bring glory to God.”