Academic Excellence

The Fairfax Christian School creates scholars with a passion for learning. Our talented teachers follow a time-tested curriculum which brings excitement to learning and promotes critical thinking and creativity while focusing on the success and talent of each student. 

Our lower school begins with our phonics-based reading and advanced mathematics programs. Our history, science, art, music, foreign languages and Bible classes allow young students to grow and flourish.  In third grade, students begin Latin and fourth grade students are introduced to economics.

Middle school students continue with our core curriculum. They have opportunities to develop an aptitude for analytic and innovative thinking. Technology is used daily and incorporated into every subject. Students develop an inner strength and self discipline which grounds them for future success.

By high school, our students are prepared for university level course work including over twenty Advanced Placement classes.  SAT preparation is integrated into the curriculum. A variety of challenging electives allow students to establish expertise in writing, computer science, economics, business, lab sciences, art and music. Students are encouraged to develop their unique abilities.  Our comprehensive program gives students an extraordinary foundation which will benefit them their entire lifetime.

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Focus On Values

Our school establishes a safe, wholesome environment, not only physically, but academically and spiritually. We instill the highest moral and ethical standards in our students. Our strong emphasis on values inspires our students and provides a deep purpose, meaning and abundance in their lives.


Proven Track Record

Our small class sizes and our low student-teacher ratio give each student the personal attention needed to thrive. Our nurturing discipline gives students self-confidence.  It encourages responsibility and gives a self-esteem gained only by success. This approach also gives our students a competitive advantage.  Our students consistently have test scores well above the national average on standardized testing, the PSAT, SAT, ACT and TOEFL. This level of high performance and mastery of skills allows our students acceptance into America’s top universities. Many of our alumni have gone on to become leaders in business, education, religion, politics and the arts.

Global Friendships

Parents from around the world have chosen our school for their children to study in the United States. Our American students gain a deep understanding of our global community with daily interaction with our international students.  They build relationships, learn other languages, explore other cultures, make life-long friendships and learn shared values that transcend borders.

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