High School:
9th through 12th Grade

For over fifty years, Fairfax Christian School graduates have attended top universities. Our high school encompasses the ninth through twelfth grades. Students are preparing to attend top universities and are taking honors and university level course work. Students achieve a high level of moral, spiritual and social development. There is an emphasis on personal responsibility and leadership and independence is encouraged.

Extraordinarily talented teachers prepare students with the self–discipline, focus and the personal determination they need to excel at top universities. Our small class sizes allow students to interact with and receive personal attention from the faculty.

Our curriculum offers a broad range of courses to provide students with a mastery of knowledge and prepare them for the most selective universities. Students have access to our College Dual Enrollment offering and our Advanced Placement, STEM and Business Honors Programs. They follow a rigorous curriculum in English and literature, the sciences, mathematics through Calculus BC and Linear Algebra, foreign language – French, Spanish, Latin and Chinese, history, business classes, Bible, art, music and physical education.

Dual Enrollment courses are considered to be advanced level coursework designed to prepare students for the rigor of a college level curriculum. By offering dual credit courses, students are eligible to earn college credits in high school. Course requirements and textbooks for these dual enrollment courses are set by the Fairfax Christian School and Northern Virginia Community College jointly. Students who complete the course with an 80% or higher will be granted college credit. Dual Credit courses are currently offered in English, Mathematics, U.S. History, Biology and Bible.

The Fairfax Christian School is also the home of USA Compete. This allows international students to take an intensive university–prep Intensive English Institute (IEI) curriculum that includes an array of classes in phonics, reading, writing, grammar, speech, TOEFL prep, American Culture and Economic Freedom.

A well–balanced high school student’s learning goes beyond the classroom. From community service to field trips, the Fairfax Christian School students have access to a variety of activities to enhance their learning experience.



Advanced Diplomas

The Fairfax Christian School offers two Advanced High School Diplomas in STEM Studies (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics),  Business and Economic Studies and Arts and Letters. Students take Advanced Placement and university level course work to meet the requirements for our Advanced Diplomas. Please contact the school office for more information.

Academic Advising 

Applying to universities is a critical point of personal transition, and we strive to help students through that process beginning with the 9th grade and culminating with your child attending the university of his or her choice.

Each year, high school students are taken on campus tours to have a better understanding of university life and the criteria that must be met to achieve academic success at an advanced level.

At the Fairfax Christian School, both administration and teachers aid in the university counseling process for students. We advise students on scholarship opportunities and explore the best opportunities for each student.

Our eldest daughter’s education at The Fairfax Christian School enabled her to earn a PSAT score in the 98th percentile of students, while still a tenth–grader. Thanks, FCS!
— John Grigsby
Fairfax Christian School (FCS) has been a great foundation for all my children. They are all excelling academically thanks to the challenging curriculum at FCS. Thank You FCS!
— FCS Parent