Lower School


Our lower school begins with our phonics–based reading and advanced mathematics programs. Our history, science, art, music, foreign languages and Bible classes allow young students to grow and flourish. In third grade, students begin Latin, and in fourth grade, students are introduced to economics. Students are taught through traditional and context-based learning.

Start with Pre-Kindergarten

Pre-kindergarten sets the groundwork for a lifetime of learning. At the Fairfax Christian School, children advance quickly in our safe, wholesome, joyful and nurturing environment with a friendly approach to structure and discipline and an enthusiasm for learning which establishes a strong educational foundation. 

Students must be age 3 by September 1, 2019.



The Lower School enrolls students from pre-kindergarten through fourth grade. These are the most formative years in a child’s life, and the lower school takes pride in offering a mastery approach to learning. Children advance quickly in a safe, wholesome, joyful and nurturing environment with a friendly approach to structure and discipline.

Our curriculum is age-appropriate, and children build skills in critical thinking, reasoning, research, and communication. With strong academic, moral and social values, the Fairfax Christian School creates a foundation that will last a lifetime.

Lower school students learn to read with phonics, a systematic approach to the English language. Based on the McGuffey Readers, our phonics curriculum has been used in private schools and by homeschooling families nationwide. Students also become skilled in reading comprehension, spelling, grammar, writing, and penmanship. Our small class size enables us to teach reading in small groups and one on one. Students read aloud and also have a group story time. The key is constant practice and making reading and English fun.

Mathematical concepts begin with spatial and logical learning. Students learn to visualize numbers, count, begin factors, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students are also introduced to concepts such as counting money and telling time. We use an assortment of hands-on learning materials to help aid students, including counters, patterned blocks, interlocking cubes, play money and toy clocks to help illustrate concepts. Lower school students master arithmetic including the memorization of multiplication tables, long division, fractions and introduction to algebraic and geometric concepts.

Science is an investigative, hands-on subject in our lower school. Studies include the zoology, physics, earth science, astronomy and oceanography, introduction to computers, health and much more. Students use the vast campus for many outdoor science projects and have access to the science labs, and our middle and high school faculty whose level of expertise instill passion and curiosity in our students.

World language learning begins in kindergarten with French. Students begin our Latin program in third grade. Lower school students also have the opportunity to learn Spanish, German, Korean and Chinese in our after-school programs.

Bible and History come alive with stories and hands-on projects. Students are introduced to the Old and New Testament through storytelling, using traditional Bible stories. They are taught ancient history through their Bible curriculum including units on Babylon, Egypt, Israel, ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Our lower school history curriculum explores United States history, civics, and Virginia history.

Art and music are integral to our curriculum. Our art program encourages creativity and artistic advancement through coloring, drawing, painting, shaping, modeling and more. Our music students perform in our fall concert and spring musical, learn to read music, sing and play instruments.




Learning does not stop once the school day ends. Students have access to many enrichment activities that are all located on campus including Ballet, Chess Club, Spanish Club, Chinese Club, SNAG Golf, Soccer ABCs, Art Club, Drama Club and more!

Summer camps, year-round classes and before and after school extended care is available for all lower school students.