Fairfax Christian School’s Lower School is unbeatable. Nowhere will you find such a challenging program for the youngest ones. Kids read fluently in Kindergarten. They are drilled in the fundamentals of math and phonics. Class sizes are relatively small. Other schools just don’t cut it at the elementary level.

Meet a few FCS students.

The Fairfax Christian School is big enough to offer all the classes I want to take and small enough so it’s easy to talk to teachers when you need to.
— High School Student

Meet Rand Alaqeel

Fairfax Christian School (FCS) has been a great foundation for all my children. They are all excelling academically thanks to the challenging curriculum at FCS. Thank you, FCS!

Meet Pavel Emelin (Russian)

The international atmosphere at The Fairfax Christian School has been a tremendous blessing for my teenagers. They have learned a lot from their fellow students about other countries and cultures. I have also seen their sympathy and willingness to help and befriend people from different backgrounds grow enormously. We were attracted to the Fairfax Christian School by its rigorous academics, but the school culture has been an unexpected bonus.

Meet Shu Hyodo (Japanese)

Thank you! Everyday I am amazed at how much my daughter has progressed and is learning. Every single person I’ve come into contact with is joyful and gracious. We are beyond grateful for this opportunity. My daughter’s teacher is absolutely amazing and my daughter is thriving. Your school is a testament to your dedication.

Meet Yuhan Erica Jin (Chinese)

My son loves the Fairfax Christian School and it is the first time that he has ever expressed that he likes school. I am so excited and happy that we chose Fairfax Christian and I am so looking forward to this school year! Thanks for everything!

Meet Giang Nguyen (Vietnamese)

The transportation system is excellent. The buses are safe and clean. The drivers are attentive to the needs of the students and parents.
— FCS Parent

Meet Dennis Najar (Spanish)

Our eldest daughter’s education at The Fairfax Christian School enabled her to earn a PSAT score in the 98th percentile of students, while still a tenth–grader. Thanks, FCS!
— FCS Parent

Meet Amy Yoo (Korean)

The Fairfax Christian School gave me a strong foundation in Biblical principles in the Reformed tradition. . . . I can testify that I probably would have strayed from the truth had it not been for Fairfax Christian School. ‘Train up a child in the way he should go...’ comes to mind.

Meet Nicholas Birchall

In addition to the many lifelong friendships I developed, Fairfax Christian had a profound impact on me as a child. The teachers and curriculum prepared me for the trials of higher learning. Aside from a top-notch education, Fairfax Christian reaffirmed the importance of family and friends. 50 years later, Fairfax Christian School continues to be a tremendous asset to the community.

Meet YanJun Xie and Mei Tan - parents (Chinese)

Fairfax Christian School is providing my son the academic challenges we feel we have missed at other schools. When he graduates, we feel he will be well prepared, academically, for college.

Meet Ji Eun Kim (Korean)

My years at FCS were highlighted by dedicated excellent teachers whom I respected. The wealth of the information the teachers imparted has added value: they often enlivened class periods with stories and experiences from their own lives and spoke of the lessons they had learned. Many of those stories I have recounted to my own sons through the years. I am grateful for memories and friendships with classmates that have lasted these many years.

Meet Kornphom Temiyaputra (Thai)

Fairfax Christian School has been a spectacular learning environment for my daughter. Small class sizes, individual attention from the teachers and a focus on fundamentals has instilled in her a real passion for learning. Equally importantly, the strong moral atmosphere of the school has reinforced her sense of right and wrong/good versus evil, something that will serve her long after her school days are over.
— Peter Brooks

Meet Alice To (Vietnamese)

We love the safe school bus service which comes to our front door every morning with a friendly, caring driver.
— FCS Parent

Meet Uiyeong Ji (Chinese)

At the Fairfax Christian School, everybody knows my name and they are kind.
— Middle School Student

Meet Yunkie Xie (Chinese)

The curriculum at Fairfax Christian School is first rate. The reading and math skills my children learned at FCS have been fundamental to their continued success in middle and high school.

Meet John Grigsby - parent

The Fairfax Christian School is amazing. The administration and teachers care about our children. They teach more than just what’s in the textbook. They inspire students. Our children have learned self–discipline, responsibility, and kindness. The maturity of the Fairfax Christian School students far exceeds their peers at other schools. Fairfax Christian School gives students a love for learning, a desire to serve others and the leadership skills to succeed.”
— Middle School Parent