Middle School


Middle school is the most formidable time in a student's development. These are the years of metamorphosis where students grow to think critically, creatively and independently.  Students are taught the skills needed to develop self–discipline, a strong moral character and a solid work ethic. Our students grow with grace and mature into responsible, focused students.

Middle school students continue with our advanced curriculum. They have opportunities to develop an aptitude for analytical and innovative thinking. Technology is used daily and incorporated into every subject. Students develop strong character and self–discipline to ground them for future success. 





Our small class sizes and supportive teachers give Middle School students the confidence they need to advance academically. These students will develop leadership, moral character, communication and study skills. 

Centered on a traditional university–prep curriculum, students study English, mathematics, science, history, foreign language (French, Spanish and Latin), physical education, music, Bible and other electives. Writing and technology are integrated throughout the curriculum.

Course work in the middle and high school is taught at an advanced level. The textbooks used are often above grade level and texts are supplemented with special projects throughout the year including research papers, oral presentations, lab assignments and field trips. This coursework is designed to prepare students to take Advanced Placement courses and Dual Enrollment classes in high school.



Middle school students have a plethora of after school and extracurricular activities to choose from including music, drama, competitive sports and clubs.

Academic Success is available to our middle school students. This after school academic program, allows students to meet with teachers to get additional academic help or to work ahead.